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Verona, Mon 04 Jul 2022
With just rows of PHP you can browse 6109 photos taked in 21 years.
All the site is developed using Free Open Source Tools like PHP, SQLite, ADODB, Sigma Template and runned on a IBM xSeries Server (thanks IBM for your Linux Effort) running GNU/Gentoo Linux with Apache2.
Actually photos are downloaded from my Digital Camera directly on the server in a tree structure.
This applications creates automagically thumbnails at 150px and preview images at 800px and 1280px with a great quality using Imagemagick, MEncoder and the great looseless rotation and RAW converter DCRaw. Each image is whitebalanced, normalized sometimes despekled and then published.
Photos area is a mass storage (of 0.00G) repository for me and my friends about travels or nice moments.

Feel free to browse them.
I've not the illusion to give any kind of service with www.jaunto.com, I even don't know if you will like or hate it but it's just that I like photos and sometimes I like to shoot them. But what I really need is a place where, sometimes, I can browse them like a sort of album.
The place I named jaunto.com has a funny story.
It's relative to Jaunting capability of the great 'Stars my Destination' (Alfred Bester, 1956). It was the ability of moving human beings with just the mind power between two well known places. You can't, for Alfred Bester, jaunto without a perfect cognition of where you are and where you want to go. I liked the idea and I know where I am ... but I can't jaunto because I still don't know the exact place where I'm directed ... but I will find it ...

Fai fruttare le tue foto con    iscriviti subito! 100 dollari al mese sono alla portata di tutti.

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